#6.1 uniform day # TO our lost childhood

Affiliate program:Internal Events 2016年09月11日

Until the company confirmed that to carry out the "uniform day" as the theme in the June 1, everybody just suddenly think of, their uniforms or has been transformed into the ash or since graduating from pressure on the bottom, follow the old days along with the yellow. Fleeting, time flies, many about childhood memory has been blurred, but whenever think of those who steal painted her mother lipstick, steal wear suits and dad day, think of those who have all sorts of strange ideas, even if it is the beat and scold fearless, stubborn and outspoken time, we still can clearly remember that happy look and unconsciously smile.
This year, we really can "aboveboard" apply lipstick, pedal high-heeled shoes, really want to wear a suit and tie beam, but also means to comply with more rules, bear more responsibility. As a public relations person, it is to always maintain a moderate smile and professional attitude. We get tired, will be lost, but when we stopped, wear uniforms returning, recall the past, relive childhood when those not origin of joy and courage, we seem to have a more firm confidence, or live up to my childhood dream to make yourself better to go on.

    "Little Prince" in a sentence: growing up is not terrible, terrible is to grow up to become what you hate adults ah. Fortunately, I grew up, and is becoming the adults I want to be.

    What has changed, but playinglove love naughty heart. I grew up, faded childish, retain the innocence, perhaps this was the best way to grow up.

    I recall when I was young, I had always been naughty. At the beginning of the "black history" has now become the most pure memories. I grow up, become mature, become calm, but still want to retain the right to dream, so tired of life will become full of fun.

    Who did not copy a few times in a small operation? Children, for the children of wuhui, it seems that small children can always be forgiven schemes and intrigues. When I grow up, there is no identical standard answer, all the yield is no "I also small" as an excuse. When I grow up, I learn to be independent, I learn to take, I learn how to be brave.

    Wear school uniforms, seems to be back to childhood and youth. Through a childhood and tasted the joy of carefree free and heartless, the memory of a lot of things has faded, but the feeling is still fresh. I grew up, with memories of childhood, more firmly, to become a better self.

    When people with good reason always is very simple, just by chance may play a ball, may just have love sailor. Social complex, or want to simply treat others. We grow up, more and more friends, miss my childhood friends, friends also cherish the moment. Life is long, there are all kinds of friends, good.

    When we desperately want to grow up, grow up to find the most perfect childhood. We grow up, from wearing a little girl Alice day braid it grew and became a capable and experienced professional women, but still keep smiling, like a child, sincere, warm, let oneself live beautiful!

    When the school abandon old-fashioned uniforms, now became an artifact of our age. No one can deny the growth of years, but no one can stop us from living longer. We grow up, with the pride of the children and the air, to become an interesting adult.
    Childhood is gone, memories do not fade, occasionally a memorable, is what taste. Whether it is wearing a school uniform, or wearing a suit, we are still our. May the original school uniform has been too small, it may not be arbitrary, but the pursuit of happiness, the heart is the same, the pursuit of a better heart. Take off the uniforms, put back the occupation, we will continue to start with the beginning of the heart, we want to fight for life!